Behind the Scenes

I’m a mother of 2 boys. Before having the boys I would never thought twice about what is contained in the foods parents often serve to kids. Even looking at the baby foods being sold in the baby food section is supermarkets, it’s surprising how some of them just unnecessarily add sugar or preservatives. And have you looked at what goes into your kids yoghurt? That’s right..more sugar. The labels on these food packaging are definitely misleading.

So, I’m a believer of eating food that are natural and not made of chemical because that’s what our body was always designed to do. I am also a foodie, I love my food! Sweet, savoury, fried, steamed and everything in between.. I love them all as long as they taste good. So, here I try to share with you my recipe ideas. Healthy, Quick and Delicious recipes…..because with 2 kids, there’s never enough time in a day!